Water Genie Mobile RO system Twin 20"


Portable complete RO Trolley

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The Water Genie Mobile RO 20" x 2 System

This is the newest addition to the Water Genie Range. Forget about waiting hours and hours to produce enough water to go and clean, with this system you can purify water to 000TDS instantly. Simply connect the unit to a mains water supply and start cleaning windows instantly. 

No need to worry if your mains water pressure is low on site because this system comes complete with a shurflo 100psi pump and a Water Genie pump controller. The Pump creates its own water pressure for faster purification and the controller allows you to set the speed so that you have complete control..

The Mobile RO system features

20" RO membrane x 2
10" Carbon Prefilter
20" DI Polishing Resin
100psi Booster pump
Booster pump controller

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